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"Meow Master" - 5:50 MP3 full version  ©2006
Recorded 7/2006
As a dog person, I reluctantly conceded to getting a cat due my business travel and spouse's lack of canine interest. This being my first cat, there were many surprises. Not the least of which was I actually like my little buddy. Also there's his meow-aria greeting when we come home. He meows a lot anyway so I nicknamed him Meow Master O (you'll have to guess what the O stands for.) That naturally snowballed into my first integration of a hip-hop sound into my music. If you know me, it's not just hip-hop!


"Bars" - 2:56 ©2006
    Almost as much as I am into keyboards, I am into percussion.  I keep a signed Mike Portnoy drumstick on my keyboard at home. So the logical combination of the two is a chromatic xylophone/marimba.  Now I got the rhythms and the sweet sounds in one wooden box!


"Main Line 1311 (Das Binky)" - 5:47  MP3 sample  ©2006
9/2006 (re-recorded 1/2008)
    Yet another song not to be taken seriously. J  In Northern New Jersey is one of the oldest train lines in America - so old it is just called the Main Line.  It runs from Hoboken, NJ through Ridgewood, NJ to Suffern, NY and then extends to Port Jervis, NY.  For you fellow train geeks, Wikipedia has a very good description at
Main Line - NJ Transit. It was part of my commute from Hawthorne, NJ to NYC for around 2 years.  I got to know every mile of that track and being a train geek was fascinated by it.  The focal point of this fascination became a old oil or fuel tank just west of the Jersey City tunnels. In the late 1990s someone, presumably a rail worker, welded on a few well-placed pipes to make it resemble a submarine.  Stenciled on it was "Das Binky".  And so, one work of art inspires another here.

"Don't Get Sick" - 2:52 MP3 sample  
Recorded: 4/2008
    Another deadly form of Corporate Dysfunction is the medical insurance industry.  I just call 'em like I see 'em in the form of a sick circus.

"Bucket O' Hoodle" - 3:52 ©2008
Recorded: 3/2008
    Since I watch
Mystery Science Theater 3000 more often than I care to admit, it's time to pay tribute to their creative genius in a fun way.  After all, they take aim squarely at a peculiar brand of Corporate Dysfuncion: Hollywood.  The idea started when, for no apparent reason, I signed my copy of a local restaurant receipt "Bucket O' Hoodle."  I couldn't figure out why at first until I retraced one of the movies when Joel said at the end "What a cockaboodle picture show!"  Now I knew what my mind had warped and just went with it.  Fans of the show can count the references.  As for non-fans, what are you waiting for!?!?  Join the fun by buying some DVDs at the link above! (other relevant links: RiffTrax; Cinematic Titanic)


"Return to Serenity" - 12:15  MP3 Pt.1-3  MP3 conclusion  ©2008
Recorded: 2/2008
   How do I transition from power metal to gentle ambient music?  Just by depicting my transition from a hectic workday, walking to yoga class and settling into the full routine, ending in a meditation.  Try it sometime with your favorite unwinding activity!


"Unconventional Beauty" - 3:48 MP3 full version ©2008
Recorded: 2/2008
    This is my first true ballad, but still an important song to me.  I've seen too many friends devastated by poor self-image. And it's usually because they don't meet the standard of beauty rammed down our throats by mass media.  Given the detrimental behavior that results on occasion (i.e. starvation, heavy medicating, risky surgery,) this may be Corporate Dysfunction at its deadliest.

"Slide On The Ice" - 2:54 ©2008
    Many times I've been guilty of taking life too seriously and letting problems get to me.  You too? STOP IT! J Make sure to have some fun in your life - especially when the going is tough!

"Over and Over" - 6:27 ©2006
     I think all of us has had those unfortunate events that you turn over and over again in your head.  For me, it's a sign that I'm not eating right (I don't eat sugar or white flour.)  Either way, that mental feedback loop is depicted (with resolution of course.)

"The Patriarch" - 2:46 MP3 sample ©2006
    I decided that family tributes would be a tradition of one per album.  In this case, it's for Grandpa.  He was a paradox of ebullient joy mixed with a somber side.  The quote from Shakespeare's Macbeth is one he repeated to me many times.


 "Corporate Dysfunction" - 7:16 MP3 demo ©2007
    I carefully wrote this one in the spirit of "don't hate the player, hate the game."  Of course, I still have to write from my personal experience and not someone else's.  So this picks up where "The Crossing" left off.  Still, it's vague enough that hopefully many of you can relate to it.  The album cut is a longer vocal version of what is here.