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First Album: Controlled Chaos

"Phil's Phunky Jams" - 5:52 MP3 ©2003
Recorded: 9/23/2003
    A few goofy ideas from one evening come together in an early keyboard jam.

"The Big Man Strut" - 2:29  MP3 ©2006
Recorded: 5/2006
     About 2 years ago my Uncle Dave passed away from heart failure - too young.  He was even bigger than me and at least as athletic.  He played several sports in his youth and continued to do so with his nephews and children.  That's the focus of this sung story - that unconventional running style of his.

"Hockey 3-2" - 20:00   ©2005
Recorded: 12/2005 (percussion added 7/22/2006)
    I have been an Ice Hockey Referee for 25 years now and played 5 years before that.  Therefore, I feel qualified to capture the feel of a fast-paced game in music.  Yes, that time was intentional. :-)

"Controlled Chaos" - 4:21 MP3  ©2004
Recorded: 6/25/2004
    After 6 months off from music I felt I had to do something!  I decided to let my mood take me.  Stressed over a demanding (but good) job, a pending relocation and other life stuff, I went with the flow.  It's pretty scary stuff!

"The Crossing" - 40:51 MP3 Pt. 10-11 ©2006
track listings & lyrics ©2005)
Recorded: 6/2005-9/2005 (enhancements 1/2006-4/2006)
    Driving from New Jersey to the Seattle area for relocation was an incredible 5-day adventure.  I left a lot behind, saw lots of things along the way, even bumped into some old friends.  Exactly one year to the day after completing the journey, I completed the following epic.
    Part 0: The Plan, an overture - the carefully laid out plan for this unprecedented trip (in my lifetime.)  Find out how much things go according to plan...
    Part 1: Where I'm Coming From (NJ) - depicts my favorite times in NJ, down the shore - followed by the sad goodbye to my home state of exactly 37 years.
    Part 2: Precipice (Del Water Gap) - driving out of NJ for the last time.
    Part 3: Journey (PA): been there, done that - but now it's for a whole new reason so I still get into it.
    Part 4: Old Friends & New Frontiers (OH) is the excitement as my drive takes me through OH, to an old friend and further West than I've ever driven before.
    Part 5 (IN): depicts a detour around a major, fatal accident on I-80 near North Bend.
    Part 6: Aggressive (IL) is my tribute to the aggressive driving that typifies the Chicago area - maybe worse than NJ driving. :-)
    Part 7: Open Up (WI) is where the road opens up and also two old friends open up their home for me.
    Part 8: (MN) is hitting the road to another new frontier: knowing no one the rest of the way.
    Part 9: (ND) musically depicts my 2 speed driving (use your imagination. J )

    Part 10: Majestic (MT) - is an attempt to capture the majesty of the absolutely gorgeous Northern Rockies.
    Part 11: Chasing the Sunset (ID) - depicts an ill-advised late night drive through tight mountain passes.
    Part 12: Welcome Home (WA) -  is my arrival in WA and the Seattle area
    Musically, this is really ambitious for an amateur keyboardist.  It is something I hope to turn into a great work with a rock band someday.  This is where I also decided to gradually shift my part-time career to music.

    This is also one of my first vocal efforts.  Not bad, but obviously less polished than later efforts.
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"Up Your BEs" -10:08 MP3 (single edit - 4:44 MP3) ©2003
    Recorded 7/23/2003
    I was feeling pretty crappy all day. I got home and knew what my best beta-endorphin (BE) raiser would be - some tunage!  I came up with a lively jam! Didn't have a title for it until after I was done with the 24 minute raw recording. There was no doubt my BE's were raised! So combine what the song does with my warped sense of humor and it's called "Up Your BEs".