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Treating children with respect, instead of talking down to them.
Teaching children real life values, instead of basic instructions.
Assuming children are intelligent, and ready for higher concepts.

Here are values or concepts to be learned in each song:

Dream Chasers
Dream Chasers: encouragement, uplifting, pursuing your dreams.
The Big Guy On The Bike In West Seattle: Being physically active no matter what your size or limitations.
Hip-Hop Dream: Expansion of known concepts.
The Tournament: You can't always get what you want, even when you do everything right.
A New Intervention: Sugar is not always a good thing.
The Godfather (With The Big Heart): Giving back to the community.
Only Information: Positive response to adversity.
Bergen Boy: Never give up, winning isn't everything.
Firebird Hall: Brief exposure to classics.
Universal Dream: Stimulates forward thinking.
Well It Should: Common sense, cause & effect.
Last Night's Dream: Strange dreams can be nice, general relaxation.
Legacy of Love: Family love.
The Dream Found: Saying your goals and doing your best.

Corporate Dysfunction
Meow Master: Just some silly fun with my cat.
Main Line 1311: More fun, especially if you are into trains.
Return to Serenity: Contrast, musical concepts such as a fugue.
Unconventional Beauty: Self-love, appreciation of others for who they are.
Slide on the Ice: More good clean fun.

Controlled Chaos

The Big Man Strut: Being physically active no matter what your size.